• ELL Partners @ $4,000, 10 seats, recognition in promotion & program
  • President’s Circle @ $3,000, 10, seats, recognition in promotion & program
  • Advocate’s Circle @ $2,000, 10 seats, recognition in promotion & program
  • Amigos of ELL @ $1,000, 10 seats, recognition in promotion & program
  • Table Sponsor @ $400, 10 seats

There are 3 ways to Support the ELL Foundation:

Recognition Breakfast Seat - $40/Individual


Become a recognition breakfast event sponsor:


Since 2006, the ELL Foundation has provided a total of $105,135 in scholarships and education programs to well deserved Middle School, High School and Undergraduate ELL Students and it is all thanks to our donors.  Help us continue to assist our local ELL students by making a contribution today or supporting our annual Recognition Breakfast!

Donate today, or make it a monthly contribution! 

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And mail it (along with a check addressed to the English Language Learning Foundation, Inc.) to P.O. Box 19975, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

purchase a ticket to our recognition breakfast


English Language Learning Foundation, Inc.

Donations can be made of any amount over $5.00! Donations are 100% tax deductible. Consider turning your donation into a monthly contribution!  Since we do not have paid staff, almost all of your donation will go directly to supporting scholarships, emergency aid, and educational programs for local ELL students in Greater Cincinnati. 

  • A $25 donation would pay for background checks for ELL tutors at local Cincinnati Public Schools

  • $250 would pay for an emergency grant for a local ELL college student experiencing temporary financial emergencies

  • $500 would fully fund an ELL Foundation Scholarship for a local ELL student

  • $1000 would fully fund a Student of the Year Scholarship for a local ELL student


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