• 2014:  Jane Portman
  • 2015:  Julie Tolbert
  • 2017: Azar and Janene Nader
  • 2018: Cincinnati State Writing Center
  • 2019: Julie Nettleton

Students of the Year:

  • 2015:  Alison Palassis
  • 2016:  Mary Ronan
  • 2017:  Yasmeen Khan
  • 2018: Aaron Parker
  • 2019: Megan Kreaps

For more information on the ELL Foundation Recognition Breakfast, contact: 

The ELL Foundation Recognition Breakfast is the foundation's annual fundraiser event held in February. Every year, the foundation invites donors, students, educators, and friends from the community to gather for a meal to celebrate the accomplishments of bright ELL students battling adversities, caring and dedicated educators, and organizations that have made a significant difference in the community. 

In every recognition breakfast, the Foundation honors the Students of the Year, Educator of the Year, Tutor of the Year and the Make a Difference Award.  Below are a few of the honorees from prior years:

Thank you!

11th Annual Recognition Breakfast, February 21, 2019 at Northern Kentucky University

the English language learning foundation annual recognition breakfast

  • 2015:  Good Samaritan Free Health Center
  • 2016:  Dr. Gregory Stewart
  • 2017: Sisters of Charity
  • 2018: Alfonso Cornejo, Hispanic Chamber
  • 2019: Roberts Academy Welcome Center

Educator of the Year:

Thank you for coming to our 11th Annual Recognition Breakfast!

English Language Learning Foundation, Inc.

  • 2015:  Alma OƱate & Yohannes Amsalu
  • 2016:  Alexis Nizigiyimana & Dulce Ortiz Perez
  • 2017: Lizette Hernandez
  • 2018: Yordy Cabrera Garcia & Yessenia Cantero Hernandez
  • 2019: Laurette Kameni and Helen Kidane

Tutor of the Year:

Make a Difference Award: