The ELL Foundation Recognition Breakfast is the foundation's annual fundraiser event held in February. Every year, the foundation invites donors, students, educators, and friends from the community to gather for a meal to celebrate the accomplishments of bright ELL students battling adversities, caring and dedicated educators, and organizations that have made a significant difference in the community. 

In every recognition breakfast, the Foundation honors the Students of the Year, Educator of the Year, Tutor of the Year and the Make a Difference Award.  Below are a few of the honorees from prior years:

  • 2015:  Alison Palassis
  • 2016:  Mary Ronan
  • 2017:  Yasmeen Khan
  • 2018: Aaron Parker

Make a Difference Award:

English Language Learning Foundation, Inc.

  • 2014:  Jane Portman
  • 2015:  Julie Tolbert
  • 2017: Azar and Janene Nader
  • 2018: Cincinnati State Writing Center

Save The Date

11th Annual Recognition Breakfast, February 21, 2019 at Northern Kentucky University

the English language learning foundation annual recognition breakfast

Join us at our the 11th Annual Recognition Breakfast!

Tutor of the Year:

Educator of the Year:

  • 2015:  Good Samaritan Free Health Center
  • 2016:  Dr. Gregory Stewart
  • 2017: Sisters of Charity
  • 2018: Alfonso Cornejo
  • 2015:  Alma OƱate & Yohannes Amsalu
  • 2016:  Alexis Nizigiyimana & Dulce Ortiz Perez
  • 2017: Lizette Hernandez
  • 2018: Yordy Cabrera Garcia & Yessenia Cantero Hernandez

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Student of the Year: