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The 2019 Scholarship Application will be posted to our website in August of 2018.   

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In order to help our ELL student become successful, the English Language Learning Foundation, Inc. offers tutors, educational science summer programs and scholarships to senior high school students and college undergraduates.

The Mission of the English Language Learning Foundation, Inc. is to help English language learners to become successful in their academic lives while fostering their cultural identities.

Starting the 2018-2019 academic year, the ELL Foundation will offer emergency grants for local ELL college students who are experiencing temporary financial emergencies, focusing on hunger, housing, and transportation. The application will be released on our website in August of 2018. Check back soon for more information! 

Emergency grants

See what we have accomplished, how donations get allocated to sustain our programs, and our strategic plan for the upcoming years in our first annual report.

keith lanser, MA

Board President

Mount St. Joseph


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11th Annual Recognition Breakfast, February 2019

sister Margarita M. Brewer, SC

Founder and President Emeritus

Other Updates:

Since 2006, the English Language Learning Foundation, Inc. has established cultural and educational programs to assist ELL Students achieve their academic goals and develop into exemplar individuals, key to the progress of our community.


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​​​College scholarships

leo calderon, MPA

Board Vice President

Northern Kentucky University

Check back soon for more information on the 11th Annual Recognition Breakfast that is currently scheduled for February of 2019.  

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In an effort to promote transparency, the ELL Foundation can now be found on Guidestar! Check out our new Guidestar profile here. Donations can also be made through our Guidestar profile. 

2017 Annual Report